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Breeder Queens

Instrumentally inseminated Italian, Carniolan, and Hybrid breeder queens with industry proven performance throughout the United States


Breeder queens are available for shipment July through September depending on the weather conditions in the central Ohio area. Please use the contact form for any breeder queen questions.

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Update for the 2017 season - Due to favorable conditions and production exceeding our expectations, we have re-opened ordering for the 2017 season.  Please contact us for additional information.
2017 Breeder Queen Prices* 
4-9 Queens $565 each
10-14 Queens $545 each
15-19 Queens $525 each
20+ Queens $505 each
Minimum order of 4 queens.  Quantities are limited.  Inquire about availability early in the season.
*Prices do not include UPS overnight shipping and are subject to change.