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Our pure, all natural honey can now be found at The Going Green Store and Oakland Inside & Out (now open!).  Visit us this summer at the Granville Farmers Market and the New Albany Farmers Market.


Latshaw Apiaries is family operated by Joe, Leah, and Jacob Latshaw. We work with our bees to make them healthy and strong, and we conduct our own research to learn how to best tend bees in the central Ohio climate.

Latshaw Apiaries focuses on the production and development of highly productive and well-adapted honey bees for beekeepers across the United States and strives to perfect and improve the instrumental insemination of queen honey bees through constant research and development. Dr. Joe Latshaw specializes in the design and production of instrumental insemination equipment used by researchers and beekeepers around the world.

Dr. Latshaw utilizes his extensive background in honey bee genetics to develop industry-recognized strains of LATSHAW ITALIAN and LATSHAW CARNIOLAN honey bees. Dr. Latshaw's honey bee breeding program is designed around the Page and Laidlaw closed population model. Selective breeding based on the Page and Laidlaw model facilitates the progressive development of productive honey bee stocks.

Please browse our website to learn more about Latshaw Apiaries, our research, and our various products. And thank you for supporting local beekeeping!


ITALIAN Breeders

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Latshaw Instrument

Latshaw Instrument

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