Latshaw's Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Latshaw’s Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is formulated as a dry powder and contains approximately 30 balanced nutrients.  It is designed to “supplement” diets and provide more complete nutrition.  Mix 5-10 pounds of supplement per ton of dry material or use the table below for smaller batches.  While the amount of supplement used may seem small, many of the essential nutrients are only required in minuscule amounts (think parts per million, ppm) but they are ESSENTIAL.

Why Use Latshaw’s Vitamin & Mineral Supplement?

Honey bee nutrition is about providing a balanced diet to meet the nutrient demands of the colony. Commercial beekeepers mixing their own patties often use soy, yeast, corn, or dried egg materials as the bulk ingredients in patty formulations. Bulk ingredients provide the foundation for animal diets, but then nutritionists formulate species-specific supplements to help complete the diet.  A balanced patty formulation should account for the carbohydrate, protein, lipid, vitamin and mineral requirements.
Latshaw Apiaries has research experience formulating complete diets for commercial beekeeping operations.  If you should have any questions regarding your formulation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pricing and Ordering

Latshaw’s Vitamin & Mineral Supplement is highly concentrated and formulated for use at 5-10 pounds of supplement per one ton of pollen supplement. Bags contain five pounds of Latshaw's Vitamin & Mineral Supplement. Also available in pre-made patties from Global Patties. 

40lb bulk bucket = $465.00*
*All prices subject to change without notice. FREE STANDARD SHIPPING NOW AVAILABLE WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL U.S.  

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