Latshaw Instrument

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Latshaw Instrument and Newly Redesigned Syringe

The Latshaw Instrument represents more than 20 years of research, and its simple design is modeled after the instrumentation first used by Dr. Lloyd Watson, the forefather of instrumental insemination.  The instrument’s simple design allows the operator to make fine adjustments quickly and precisely thus providing for overall simplicity and efficiency.

The Latshaw Instrument is also equipped with an innovative large capacity Latshaw Syringe that is capable of detailed scientific single drone insemination work or large scale commercial insemination projects.  The Latshaw Syringe allows semen to be stored in detachable capillary tubes for later use, storage, or shipment.

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After 5 years’ experience using forceps instead of a dorsal hook (sting hook), we have found that the insemination procedure can be accomplished with the same success rate in about 20% less time... In teaching classes at the University of Western Sydney (Hawkesbury), Australia, and at the bee research institues in Kirchhain, and in Oberursel, Germany, the ‘flexible insemination technique’ was rapidly learned by beekeepers.
— Kuhnert, M.E. and H.H. Laidlaw. 1994. Simplified apparatus for instrumental insemination of queen bees with the flexible insemination techinque. Apidologie 25: 144-154.